This was a short day trip for us as we traveled back home from Singapore. We learned about and drew their flag in our travel journals, studied the location on the map, listened to people around us speak in the native tongue, and had amazing Japanese Curry Stew and Udon Noodles with soup. We learned that the currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen. We also took a short class on Japanese block printing, which was a lot of fun!

Enjoying the finer things…and scooter luggage!

Menu option on display…yum! So much better than photos in a menu, right?!

This sign was perfect for explaining the meaning of currency conversions.

I love things that provide cultural context. And the fact that it was FREE was just a bonus! We learned about this old art form of Japanese printing and had so much fun making our own replicas!


Fun Airport Time for Kids

Wanna travel like the Cool Kids?

Order a piece of scooter luggage and make your children’s traveling experience go from “meh” to epic!

Since we travel so often, our kids needed something to help them keep up with us as we zip through each airport. It is also a great way for them to stay happy and active between flights – without annoying their parents! You’re welcome!


Atlanta, Georgia

We can world school in our own backyard! This trip to Atlanta was just the domestic break we needed from all of our international travel. We were able to visit with family and friends and even picked up a new hobby which will further enhance our world schooling experiences! Keep scrolling to find out more…

During this trip, we visited the Botanical Gardens and learned a bit about botany. We learned how the exhibits were with segmented wire frames and assembled after the seeds were sown and cultivated. We learned that there was a ton of science involved in each project as we saw the lab where seeds and plants were being harvested and cared for.



Second Stop, Thailand!

The amount of exposure we are able to provide our children on these adventures has an immeasurable impact.

We visited the Phuket Big Buddha (or the Great Buddha of Phuket) atop Nakkerd Hill in Chalong.

This past year, one of the history nuggets we memorized pertaining to Hinduism and Buddhism opened our kids’ minds to the existence of religion in other cultures. Ask them to tell you about the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism and they will recite what they’ve learned with a greater sense of awareness and understand now.


More from Singapore!

The kids call it the “ship hotel” which sits atop the skyscrapers at Marina Bay (with the casino and mall at the bottom level, where you can take an indoor Gondola ride past high end designer stores!)

Satay by the Bay (spotted on Crazy Rich Asians) is very close…its a must try and has amazing food! Don’t leave without having their famous Chili Crab!

Nothing says “FUN” like a scavenger hunt! We drew these in our journals, then tried to see how many the Singaporean flags we could spot around town as we were out and about.

Just for giggles, we headed over to SlappyCakes to design our own pancakes on our very own griddle. We made a clock and practiced telling time, then we practiced spelling, scrambling and unscrambling the word “Singapore.” This is the PRE-syrup pic! Operating the griddle was interesting…all of the instructions were in Chinese!

We visited Little India for some authentic pastries and sweets.

And excuse the cultural appropriation, but in Little India, we found a really good henna tattoo artist who did a great job for $5SD!

We also ate at the Banana Leaf in Little India and literally ate on banana leaves! The kids LOVED the food! Well, all except for the Curry Fish Head Stew. Though I thought it was delish! I was impressed at how well everyone kept their composure while trying something interesting and new!

Stay tuned for more soon!


First Stop, Singapore!

Welcome to Singapore!

As a homeschooling family, we are blessed with the option to teach our children where, when, what and how we choose. Ensuring that they are equipped with all they need to thrive in life is imperative. One of the things we’ve decided to teach our kids is Mandarin Chinese. We have been taking lessons for almost one year now, and felt as though Singapore, a tiny island city-state south of Malaysia, would be a great place to ease into our journey across Asia. We would spend 2.5 weeks there during late May-early June.

Before embarking on this journey, I thought to myself, “How could I make this time of immersive learning memorable, effective and fun for a five and six year old? Here was our plan:

Write in our travel journals daily

It was so important for us all to have a daily download of thoughts and reflections. Recanting the days events and activities has proven to be a healthy brain exercise, and of course the writing and art elements are awesome for honing those skills. We’ve tried several journals, but the ones that work best for us have a blank space at the top of the page for our beautiful artwork. This works well for children who prefer to draw a picture of their most memorable experiences from the day. We try to incorporate a healthy mix of both! See our “Products We Love” page for a few of our journal picks.

Visit places that teach about the history and culture

Practice conversing in Mandarin with kind vendors at the market

Study, count and use the local currency

Experience the food

Study and read the maps to navigate around town

Connect with local homeschoolers

Master the art of FUN!


Today’s Nature Walk

The beauty of living in a place that rains a lot is the lush greenery and countless types of flowers that grow and contribute to the aesthetics of the landscape. How many different flowers can we identify on our walk to the park today? And what is the anatomy of a flower? Why are there so many bees around them? How does God use bees to create more flowers? We incorporated math with simple counting and science (Botany and Melittology) by simply going for a walk.