And the World Tour Begins…

Welcome to the Junes’ World Schooling Blog!

Photo taken Nakkerd Hill near Chalong, where Big Buddha resides in Phuket, Thailand

Woot! Woot!  You made it!

We are beyond excited to start this adventure!  Stay tuned in to our blog to track our progress.  Currently, our travel itinerary consists of visits to Asian countries over the course of the next year. Along our journey, we will continue our education with practical application learning and all things FUN! Check out Momma’s Bangin’ Plan below to see how we will tackle eleven subjects as we move about the earth: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, History, Geography, Government, Foreign Language, Art, Cultural Studies, and Etiquette. We Junes work HARD, then we play like its our last day on earth!


Momma’s Bangin’ Plan

– Become experts at counting money, understanding value, recognizing/converting currencies, and identifying the different denominations. (Oh, hey Math!)

– Put our foriegn language skills to use by interviewing and/or conversing with the locals, bargaining at local markets, ordering our food at restaurants, finding other fellow homeschoolers and making new friends at the park. (Foreign Language: Mandarin Chinese)

– Experience local cuisines and practice keeping our composure when we taste things with which our taste buds do not agree! We add stickers to the “Try It” card for every ambitious attempt at trying something new. This is helpful when you glance down and see eyeballs and teeth still on the fish head of your Curry Fish Head Stew! YUM!! (Etiquette and Cultural Studies)

– Study some of the countries history before we arrive. Travel to see the historical sites we read about at home. Draw and color pictures of each country’s flag while we listen to short videos about the their history. (History)

– Dive into geography and cartography by drawing, labeling and coloring maps of the land. (Geography)

– Learn about the local government, how it runs and be able to physically see for ourselves how the people are impacted by it. (Government)

– Read about the local religions and visit their places of worship. (Reading and Cultural Studies)

– Write and draw pictures daily in a travel journal to keep our penmanship and writing skills sharp while effectively documenting memories for reflection later. (Art and Writing)

– Explore the topography of the land and visit all of its habitats. (Science)


Whew! I’m tired already! I know it sounds like a lot, but we will have 2+ weeks in each country – plenty of time for us to go, see, do and learn.

We hope you enjoy following along with us on our journey!

Thank you, and God bless!

The Junes